Madrid en corto is a program promoted by Consejería de Empleo, Turismo y Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid and managed by ECAM distribución, with the objective of spreading and promoting short movies produced in the Community of Madrid. Since 2005, the short movies completing this program are selected from The Short Movie Week of the Community of Madrid.

The main actions of Madrid en corto are:
  • The preparation and editing of a promotional portfolio with a DVD for festivals and distributors, subtitled in English and French.
  • A web page with the credits, trailer and all the promotional material for each short film.
  • The private viewing platform, for streaming as well as the secure downloading of videos in various formats, and only available by invitation.
  • Copies in DCP (2K) necessary for projection at festivals, as well as other digital formats (such as Full HD, 1080p)
  • The dispatch and follow-up of projection copies.
  • The distribution to and registration of short films at festival and cinematic events all around the world.
As well as festivals, at Madrid en Corto we work in the search for other distribution channels, and on the promotion of short films. Since 2012 we have made these short films available in DCP and HD, and on 35 mm. up to 2011.

Madrid en corto means a support for new film directors and producers. Furthermore, it is a clear compromise with the audiovisual production in the Community of Madrid.